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The Yaldon Theory was developed by us, Menketh Yalda and Stephen Yalda, in order to present a model in physics that will explain the phenomena which we are surround by. This chapter of the Yaldon Theory will focus on the phenomena which are related to visible light, as well as the propagated rays beyond and below that narrow band of visible light.

This model for light will implement a physical and real object known as a yaldon. A historical example of society using non-physical objects to explain their environment is when the term for wind and spirit were one in the same. This was due to people of that time being unaware of what the air was composed of, so they believed it was a spirit. Nowadays humanity is more well-informed, it was discovered in 1643 by Torricelli that the wind is comprised of actual matter due to the fact that is has a mass.

Light is also being subjected to having the attributes of spirit or phantom-like properites, just as the wind was prior to 1643. The root of the word photon is photo- which defines to light from Greek. Currently we are unaware of what light is comprised of, we give it an attribute of a spirit or phantom. The photon behaves more like a phantom than it does light, due to its characteristic of having no mass yet still being able to have an effect on our environment. The Yaldon Theory is a new model for the propagation of light and other rays, since it does not rely on explaining the effect of light by using phantoms, ghosts, or spirits. The explaination for visible light and all other rays will be derived from Newtonian Mechanics. Just as the wind has an effect on our reality due to its mass, so too does light.

Provided will be the entire work for the propagation of visible light as well as other rays beyond and below that narrow band. Included will be formulas, diagrams, and discussions using the Second Law of Newton to show how yaldons are responsible for these rays.

The types of phenomena addressed in this work are: light's property as both a particle and a wave, the white-light effect produced from heating metals, light's red-shift from the far stars, the change in the speed of light through dense transparent materials, the effect of light passing through low dense and high dense gasses, and light maintaining its speed when given an initial velocity.

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We hope you enjoy this theory as much as we did developing it. Please feel free to share this theory with others by following us on social media and telling your collegues. Thank you!

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